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Myrkwood Mushrooms

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Backyard mushroom gardens in the Triangle, NC

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Welcome to Myrkwood.

Myrkwood (Old Norse, "dark wood" or "black forest”) is the wild, primitive forest of ancient Europe. In the Norse tradition, "crossing the Black Forest" came to signify penetrating the barriers between one world and another. In this sense, Myrkwood Mushrooms aims to connect you with the joy and benefits of the natural world, right in your own backyard.

Fungi are essential for soil health, the growth of plants, and for the decomposition of wood and other organic matter. Not only are fungi ecological workhorses, but their fruits, mushrooms, are fun and easy to grow, providing delicious food and beneficial medicines.

We can help you install and cultivate your very own sustainable mushroom garden. From simple mushroom logs and beds to large scale permaculture projects, our 10+ years of experience will yield you results time and time again.

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Meet the mushroom guru.

Charlie, owner and operator of Myrkwood Mushrooms, holds a doctorate in Plant & Microbial Biology from NC State University (2020). An ethnobotanist by training, Charlie is an expert in the traditional usage of medicinal plants and fungi by cultures throughout the world. He has nearly 10 years of horticulture and mushroom growing experience.

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How it works

  1. Schedule a visit or virtual consultation to assess the property, determine what you want to grow, and develop a plan for the garden.
  2. Choose an installation date to build and inoculate the garden.
  3. Opt for periodic maintenance. We keep an open door for you to join in for a hands-on experience anytime you like.
  4. When it comes time to harvest, receive mentorship for proper use of your mushrooms.
Download instructions for caring for your mushrooms
mushrooms beds
mushroom logs

Plans and prices

Old Faithful


3 ✕ 6 ft. mushroom bed constructed from high quality, naturally rot-resistant cedar planks. Used for the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, wine caps, or wood blewits. Fruits in as little as 6 weeks.

Myrkwood Logs


3 - 4 ft. hand cut and selected local hardwood logs pre-drilled and inoculated with oyster or shiitake spawn. Fruits for 2-4 years.

Indoor fruiting block

$50 each

5 lb. 'spray and grow' block ready to fruit for oyster, lion's mane, shiitake, or reishi mushrooms.

Oyster mushroom pots

$20 each

Perfect for small patios and apartments, your choice of oyster mushrooms ready to fruit in containers.

Custom projects

Specialty mushroom species, trees, garden plants, medicinal plants design and installation.

Mycology research and education

Scientific consulting, laboratory work, and product development. If you have an idea that relates to plants and fungi please contact us to design and execute a project or educational event.

field argaric mushrooms
oyster mushrooms

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